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Barebone scooter platform by Edison Motors from 🇹🇭 Thailand

🇹🇭 by

A barebone scooter platform by Edison Motors from 🇹🇭 Thailand.

Ready to use for custom builds! Includes battery, motor and dashboard!

  • 100% water proof (usable in dusty environments)
  • 💧 liquid cooled motor: 6,000 watt or 11,000 watt
  • swap-able battery with 80 minute fast charge time (150 km range)
  • Google Android dashboard
  • 300 kg carrying capacity on the rear wheel!

barebone 1

barebone 2

The scooter platform is available with two motor variants: 6,000 watt or 11,000 watt. The electric motor is water-cooled and can be used in tropical environments.

The platform has a removable 3.2 kWh lithium battery that provides a range of 150 km. The battery can be charged in just 80 minutes using a fast charger. The battery is easy to swap.

The rear of the scooter provides a carrying capacity for a weight of 300 kg.

The scooter platform is completely waterproof so that it is possible to drive through water and in dusty environments.

Google Android dashboard


The scooter platform provides a 6" touchscreen dashboard with Google Android operating system and scooter apps. The dashboard provides access to GPS navigation, GSM, 3G / 4G, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.

The scooter has many state of the art features including keyless start and tubeless alloy wheels.

The electrical system is optimized for racing and provides a capacity of 300 amps. The water cooling system keeps the temperature at +/- 30 ° C under all conditions, also in very hot environments such as tropical environments.

The scooter has powerful front and rear disc brakes

Custom scooter design on demand

Edison Motors can provide a custom scooter design on demand. Some of their more innovative models include a Red Bull advertising scooter, a beer keg transport scooter and a mobile coffee bar.

examples of custom scooter

Price per barbone: ~ $2,284.50 to $3,046.00💱 (possibly less in bulk)

Edison Motors Company Limited

Phone: +66 86 663 9355
LINE: @rideedison
Facebook Messenger:

View all ready-to-buy Edison Motors scooters: /@edison-motors

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