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Google Analytics is part of an international platform that has been created for the purpose of promoting clean mobility solutions.

The concept was launched in 2018, has been visited from all countries in the world and is visited from 174 countries per week on average.

2018: electric scooter market in trouble

Back in 2018, in the Netherlands, many e-scooter startups went bankrupt and access to electric scooters was limited, while the Netherlands, together with Norway, was a pioneer in EV in Europe.

Even today in 2021, importers of some major brands, such as Kymco with +20,000 of eager waiting buyers (derived from the number of requests on this guide), refuse to sell electric scooters and continue to sell its lucrative petrol scooters. This indicated that a transition to electric may be much more difficult in many other countries, for billions of buyers globally, in the next decades or even longer.

Money maker for scooter sellers: maintenance service

The biggest money maker for local scooter sellers (dealerships) has been maintenance service. With electric scooters, literally up to 90% of maintenance costs would fall away. This causes a major problem for the old business model of dealerships and it prevents a transition to electric scooters in many countries.

air pollution

Air pollution by petrol scooters

Petrol scooters are among the most polluting vehicles. Some older models emit more air pollution than a car.

In the city of Bangkok, mopeds generate as much as 60% of air pollution while only accounting for 10% of total fuel consumption by traffic in the city.
Scooters are heavy polluters, as shown in new research by European scientists in the journal Nature Communications. The pollution is so bad, the authors write, that the European Commission believes "that scooters will emit more air pollution than all other vehicles combined in Europe by 2020."
Source: Forbes

Online guide: a helper for the market intended to help promote electric scooters to show buyers that alternatives to petrol scooters are already available, for the purpose of promotion of a transition to clean mobility for healthy air quality in cities.

Increasingly, EV startups are smaller companies with smaller budgets that do not have funds for international sales and logistics. The online guide makes it easy for buyers in any country to get an overview of the latest electric vehicles from around the world.

People from many countries regularly send an email, just to say thanks. The online guide is popular in many countries in Europe, which includes Italy and Germany, and in countries in Asia including Japan.

The online guide is of value for many parties, including startups and big motorcycle brands.

The online guide is an online business platform for electric scooters that provides many opportunities.

Outlook on the future: green becomes clean

The word clean in relation to vehicles and technology may be a better perspective than "green" or "electric" since it looks a few steps further than simply electric propulsion or the impact of technology on the environment. The term clean provides a clear perspective on results, both for the environment, for human health and also for economic health of the buyer (maximum cost saving = clean).

Electric propulsion would not be enough. There is more that pollutes. With the term clean, one will also look at recycling and the source of fuel/power. An example would be to sell vehicles paired with a solar energy solution (economical, to save costs as well).

The term clean is more synonymous to 'honest' when it concerns technology than the term green.

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