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Microlino launches moped version and 2.0 upgrade of its microcar

🇨🇭 by
Made in Italy

Swiss-Italian microcar manufacturer Micro Mobility launched a new moped version of its popular microcar and a profound 2.0 upgrade of its microcar platform.

Microlino Lite

  • Moped version that can be driven from the age of 14 in some countries.
  • Powerful 8,000 watt motor that provides fast acceleration.

More info and 🖼️ pictures

Microlino 2.0 platform

unibody chassis

The Microlino 2.0 platform boasts significant improvements in safety and features compared to its predecessor, the Microlino 1.0.

  • The Microlino 2.0 features a new integral automotive unibody chassis made of pressed steel and aluminum parts, enhancing safety and stiffness without adding weight.
  • The Microlino 2.0 has a new light weight NMC battery, replacing the LiFePO4-chemistry battery.
  • The Microlino 2.0 has a new permanent-magnet motor that provides 15% more efficiency and power.
  • The Microlino 2.0 has undergone design enhancements, including a new dashboard and a more spacious interior due to the use of the light weight NMC battery technology.

The Microlino 2.0 has a new digital dashboard.

Microlino dashboard

Italian design legacy

Iso automobiles logo

The Microlino Lite design is based on the legendary Isetta microcar that was originally designed and manufactured by the Italian moped and scooter brand 🇮🇹 Iso that was one of the biggest competitors of Vespa and Lambretta in the 1950s. In 1953 the Italian company ventured in the microcar industry with the creation of the iconic Isetta "bubble car", which quickly gained popularity and became a status symbol in Italy.


The new Microlino Lite can be ordered online through an online configurator.

⚙️ Online Configurator

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